Oct 19, 2018

Java Microservice Lib

I have been silent as of late. Just busy is all. I have not fallen off of the face of the Earth (against the hopes of some I am sure). I have been among other things working on a new framework called QBit. QBit is a very fast micro service framework. No.. wait.. It is not a framework. It is just a lib. You can use it inside of a Servlet engine, with Spring, with Guice or standalone. It is easy to use and non-evasive. QBit evolved quite a bit. It is based on ideas of mine (and others on the web) and based on a several closed sourced projects and frameworks that I worked on. I was privilege to work on a some high speed service projects. I learned a few things. I was able to refine some of those learnings with QBit. Anyway, I am starting to write more about it to get the word out. Publishing some benchmarks. Sharing some ideas. I don't think I will do a repeat of the JSON benchmarks. It caused some hard feelings. Which may or may not have been my intentions, but never the less, it did not feel right and is not something I feel like repeating. I learned to play nice. I relearn this every now and then.

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