Sep 13, 2018

Deploy popular software packages using Cloud Launcher

By Brian Goldfarb

One of the most compelling benefits of building and deploying solutions on public cloud platforms is the speed at which you can move from idea to running applications. We offer you a continuum of compute options – from high performance VMs and container-based services to managed PaaS – so you can choose the most suitable option.

For those of you who need a VM-based solution, deploying an application requires that all underlying runtime components and packages be in place and configured correctly. This often becomes a labor-intensive, time-consuming task. Developers should spend most of their time on design and writing code. Time spent finding and deploying libraries, fixing dependencies, resolving versioning issues and configuring tooling is time away from that work.

Today, we’re introducing Google Cloud Launcher, where you can launch more than 120 popular open source packages that have been configured by Bitnami or Google Click to Deploy. Deployment is incredibly straightforward: users simply select a package from the library, specify a few parameters and the package is up and running in a few clicks. Cloud Launcher is designed to make developers more efficient, removing operational deployment and configuration tasks so developers can focus on what matters – their application and their users.

Cloud Launcher includes developer tools and stacks such as Apache Solr, Django, Gitlab, Jenkins, LAMP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Tomcat. It also includes popular databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, JasperReports, Joomla and SugarCRM. Many of these packages have been specifically built and performance-tuned for Google Cloud Platform, and we’re actively working to ensure these packages are well integrated with Google Cloud Monitoring so you can review health and performance metrics, create custom dashboards and set alerts for your cloud infrastructure and software packages in one place. This will roll out to all supported packages on Cloud Launcher this spring.

When you visit Cloud Launcher, you can search for your desired package, or filter and browse categories such as Database, CRM or CMS.

“We are excited to partner with Google to simplify the deployment and configuration of servers and applications and look forward to continue to expand our integration with Google Compute Engine. Delivering an exceptional user experience is important to us, and Compute Engine gives Bitnami users another great way to deploy their favorite app in just few clicks,” said Erica Brescia, COO at Bitnami Inc.

You can get started with cloud launcher today to launch your favorite software package on Google Cloud Platform in a matter of minutes. And do remember to give us feedback via the links in Cloud Launcher or join our mailing list for updates and discussions. Enjoy building!

-Posted by Varun Talwar, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform Source::

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