Oct 15, 2018

Escalating Hype About Big Data By @Nimbix | @CloudExpo [#Cloud #BigData]

There is continued and escalating hype about “Big Data” and the cloud services that empower big data analytics. But to better understand and demystify this hype, whether exploring Big Data or traditional, structured or unstructured, we need to categorize cloud data into three primary forms.

Aggregate form of cloud data – whether public, hybrid or private – is especially popular with multi-site organizations. Data collected in different locations needs to be processed at some point and using the cloud to aggregate data in a common location is commonsensical for future processing or analytics.

Aggregate cloud data has actually been around even before we thought of cloud-computing as we know it today. A very popular use case of this is in organizations with branch offices, such as retail and financial firms, where branch-level processes upload transactions or other information on a regular basis. With widespread availability of cloud data services, what used to happen periodically is now more real-time. Once the data is aggregated, higher-level reports and analytics, such as comparisons between branches or regions, become more


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