Sep 13, 2018

JBoss Fuse – House Keeping, where to download and what version of JBoss Fuse?

By Christina Lin

First of all, until today most of my post are done on JBoss Fuse 6.1.x and the version of tool that I am working on is JBoss Developer Studio 7

Where to download JBoss Fuse?

Go to

Until today, 2015/3/31 I am still using 6.1.x for my examples and demos.

Where to download JBoss Developer Studio?

Go to, scroll down to download the tested version of JBDS 7.1.1 GA

Until today, 2015/3/31 I am 7.1.1 GA version for my demos and example, I tend to use the supported and GA version for demo, to avoid any problem.

What version of JDK?

I use JDK 1.7_xx

What versions of Camel, CXF and A-MQ are you using?

Reference Red Hat document :

So here is a guide telling you what versions we are actually using with Fuse.

Basically, depend on when I did the demo,

For demo I did with JBoss Fuse 6.1.0 (most of the case)

  • Camel 2.12.0.redhat-610379

  • CXF 2.7.0.redhat-610379

  • AMQ 5.9.0.redhat-610379

  • Fabric8 1.0.0.redhat-379

and demo I did with JBoss Fuse 6.1.1 I use these version of camel

  • Camel 2.12.0.redhat-611412

  • CXF 2.7.0.redhat-611412

  • AMQ 5.9.0.redhat-611412

  • Fabric8 1.0.0.redhat-412

They are basically very similar.

Where are the repository?

Since JBoss Fuse rely very heavily on maven, make sure you are connect to the right repository. So the repository I use is this one. (Note, I don’t normally use the tech preview or snapshot version for demos.)

FuseSource Release Repository



If there is anything you would like to know, please leave a message.


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