Sep 13, 2018

Google Cloud Launcher gains 25 new solutions and integration with Cloud Monitoring

By GCP Team

Back in March, we announced the availability of Google Cloud Launcher where (at the time) you could launch more than 120 popular open source application packages that have been configured by Bitnami or Google Click to Deploy. Since then, we have received many customer requests for additional solutions. We heard you!

Today, less than three months after launch, we have added 25 new solutions to Cloud Launcher. Recent additions include: Chef, Crate, OpenCart, Sharelock, Codiad and SimpleInvoices – and new solutions are being added on an ongoing basis.

We are also announcing the addition of 14 new operating systems to Cloud Launcher. These include Windows, Ubuntu, Redhat, SUSE, Debian and CentOS. Moreover, we’ve simplified the initial creation flow to make things even faster and simpler.
Figure 1 – The updated Cloud Launcher operating system section

To help users compare these solutions, we’ve updated the Cloud Launcher interface with detailed information on pricing, support (for OS), and free trial.
Figure 2 – The updated Cloud Launcher detailed solution interface

And finally, in line with our vision of providing customers with complete solutions that can be rapidly deployed, Google Cloud Monitoring is now integrated out of the box with 50 solutions. Built-in reports for components such as MySQL, Apache, Cassandra, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, and Redis provide DevOps an integrated view into their application.
Launcher screenshot scrubbed copy.png
Figure 3 – Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboard for Apache Web Server

You can get started with Cloud Launcher today to launch your favorite application packages on Google Cloud Platform in a matter of minutes. And do remember to give us feedback via the links in Cloud Launcher or join our mailing list for updates and discussions. Enjoy building!

– Posted by Ophir Kra-Oz, Group Product Manager Source::

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