Sep 13, 2018

Microservices Architecture Developer Day on June 11th in London

By Claus Ibsen

We are hosting a full day event,

James Strachan will start the day presenting Kubernetes and what impact it does, and how and what you as a developer and architect should know about it. We in the fabric8 team saw first hand the impact when we realized that fabric8 had to be architecture based on kubernetes and containers (eg Docker). And hence why fabric8 v2 was born. James will also show and tell what fabric8 brings to the table to make developing with kubernetes much easier, especially for developers coming with a Java background.

I on the other hand, talk about Apache Camel, which would hardly be a surprise. The scope is how developers can build microservices with Camel, and how you can use the fabric8 / maven / eclipse / hawtio / docker tooling to build and deploy your Camels on a docker/kubernetes based cloud infrastructure.

Then follows a very interesting topic about api management. An area that everyone would love some help with, but there is hardly so much great software around that. The apiman project is changing all that and making this area much easier for developers. Come and hear from the core developers on this project and see the hawtio based web console for managing all of this, and hear how apiman integrates with fabric8/kubernetes/docker et all in the cloud or on JEE servers such as WildFly.

James Rawlings, who has been a long time consultant in the field, shares his breath of expertise about microservices and fabric8. He is a great chap and we are grateful in the xpaas team to have him join us as a full time developer.

Mark Little, the CTO of JBoss Middleware, is not shy of presenting himself, so its great to see and hear him talk about how WildFly can host microservices with the newest Wildfly Swarm project.

Later in the afternoon there will BOF break-outs where the xpaas team will host a session about integration and api management. So this is our chance to sit face to face to discuss and share knowledge and ideas.

An alternative is to learn about the reactive platform called vert.X from the founder and core developer Tim Fox himself.

Arun Gupta, the leading evangelist at JBoss talks about microservices (yes its a microservice day) and the various design patterns that developers ought to know.

This is followed by mr Jolokia, Roland Huss, who just joined our xpaas team as a full time developer. Roland created the excellent Docker Maven Plugin, so he gives a run down of this tool and Docker, but from a tooling point of view. As a developer I recommend this as even though the Docker is very successful, it can be a bit daunting to get started with, especially for Java developers how are used to only use build tools like Maven.

To break the microservices dead-lock then the last talk is focused on mobile architectures.

The event is free to attend, but you need to register as there is limited seatings. You can find details about the event such as timetable, location and more and also importantly the registration button.

Hope to see you there. And we can afterwards head for a bite and a beer with us.


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fabric8 console – Managing containers on a docker/kubernetes cloud platform

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