Sep 13, 2018

How Testing Changes in Component-Based Architectures | @DevOpsSummit #API #DevOps

Imagine building your software like it was ordering furniture from Ikea. You pick out a desk, add a corner piece, raise it up to be a standing desk with some props for the legs, and add small things like organizers to better fit how your work. Things are modular, you can add and remove bits and pieces to build the projects that fits the customer's needs. In software projects, this is usually done with a configuration flag that lives in either a system configuration file on the server, or in the database. This flag controls the visibility of all the things in a feature and can be turned on and off as needed. At worst, you might have to restart apache in between. Another way to build components is through a set of APIs. Programmers create the front-end, then mix and match APIs that already exist to create the back-end.

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