Oct 6, 2018

[HDGEM] AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL service that makes it easy to move data between your data stores.

AWS Glue simplifies and automates the difficult and time consuming data discovery, conversion, mapping, and job scheduling tasks. 

AWS Glue guides you through the process of moving your data with an easy to use console that helps you understand your data sources, prepare the data for analytics, and load it reliably from data sources to destinations. AWS Glue is integrated with Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Redshift, and can connect to any JDBC-compliant data store. AWS Glue automatically crawls your data sources, identifies data formats, and then suggests schemas and transformations, so you don't have to spend time hand-coding data flows. You can then edit these transformations, if necessary, using the tools and technologies you already know, such as Python, Spark, Git and your favorite integrated developer environment (IDE), and share them with other AWS Glue users. AWS Glue schedules your ETL jobs and provisions and scales all the infrastructure required so your ETL jobs run quickly and efficiently at any scale. There are no servers to manage, and you pay only for resources consumed by your ETL jobs.

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