Oct 6, 2018

[HDGEM] Google Sites

Google Sites has been part of Google's suite of apps since 2008, when it was launched as a simple website builder. The original version looked very similar to Google Docs—and the resulting websites looked a bit like documents with a search bar at the top. You could format text, embed images, documents, or videos, and even insert your own HTML code if you wanted to add more features. Everything was laid out in tables, so you could have a single or multiple-column layout for your content.

The new Google Sites editor looks more like the new Google Forms Then, in late 2016, Google revamped Google Sites, giving it a design quite similar to the new Google Forms. It uses a one-column design like many modern websites, and it makes it easier than ever to lay out your site, with all the tools organized into a sidebar or a popover menu that appears when you select text on your site.

Both app versions are still available—you can choose which editor you'd like to use when creating a new site.

The newer one includes a cleaner design, and is easier to use, while the older version lets you use a custom domain with a G Suite account and tracks changes to the page so you can go back to a previous version. Either way, they're a great way to quickly build a website or intranet for your team.

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