Oct 6, 2018

[HDGEM] How to enable Always Use HTTPS on cloudflare

SSL is enabled by default in the Crypto section of Cloudflare. Once you've enabled any mode of SSL, create a Page Rule for HTTP that includes an asterisk before and after your domain, for example   Http://** and select "Add a Setting" > Always Use HTTPS.

This URL pattern that includes HTTP, with an asterisk before and after your domain ensures that any subdomains, directories or query strings referencing your domain will be forced over HTTPS.

Once you click Save and Deploy, new and returning visitors attempting to connect to your domain over HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS. Keep in mind that this option should generally be the first rule you set in Page Rules. Unless you have a special case, be sure to reorder this rule to appear at the top of your set.

An additional benefit of enforcing a secure connection is that your domain will be able to utilize HTTP/2, which offers performance gains like header compression, server push, and more.

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