Oct 6, 2018

[HDGEM] How to upload to Google cloud BigQuery

  • Bulk Upload: CSV/JSON-per-line/Avro file formats are supported. Google Cloud Storage and Datastore backups are natively supported. Do you have your data in Amazon S3? No problem, Embulk can help you do that. Again, it's worth mentioning that Treasure Data can output query results into BigQuery.
  • Streaming Upload: BigQuery supports streaming upload. Fluentd, our open source data collector, seems to be a popular tool as described in this blog article by the Google Cloud Platform team. Note that streaming inserts are not free so pay attention to your ingest rate and cost.
  • Google Analytics Premium: If you pay 150,000 USD a year to sign up for Google Analytics Premium, you get access to your web/mobile data inside Google Analytics via BigQuery.

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