Oct 3, 2018

[HDGEM] How to use Dell iDrac to reboot your server from command line

Connect to the Dell Remote Access Controller (Drac) IP address via SSH. Then execute:
racadm serveraction <action>

whereas you replace <action> with one of the following:

  • powerdown — Powers down the managed system.
  • powerup — Powers up the managed system.
  • powercycle — Issues a power-cycle operation on the managed system. This action is similar to pressing the power button on the system's front panel to power down and then power up the system.
  • powerstatus — Displays the current power status of the server ("ON", or "OFF")
  • hardreset — Performs a reset (reboot) operation on the managed system.

So, to power off and back on your server, you just type racadm serveraction powercycle.

If your Drac crashes for any reason, you may want to reset it: racadm racreset

If you want to have information about your current server, type: racadm getsysinfo

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