May 17, 2018

HCI Meets Big Data | @ExpoDX @Dana_Gardner #AI #HCI #Agile #DevOps #BigData #SmartCities #ContinuousDelivery #DigitalTransformation

The next BriefingsDirect developer productivity insights interview explores how a South African insurance innovator has built a modern hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) IT environment that replicates databases so fast that developers can test and re-test to their hearts’ content. We’ll now learn how King Price in Pretoria also gained data efficiencies and heightened disaster recovery benefits from their expanding HCI-enabled architecture. Here to help explore the myriad benefits of a data transfer intensive environment is Jacobus Steyn, Operations Manager at King Price in Pretoria, South Africa. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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Cloud Bursting with @AvereSystems | @CloudExpo #Serverless #DataCenter #DevOps #DigitalTransformation

When it comes to cloud computing, the ability to turn massive amounts of compute cores on and off on demand sounds attractive to IT staff, w...