Dec 4, 2018

Azure offers native disaster recovery solution for Azure virtual machines

Azure now offers a native disaster recovery solution for applications running on Azure Virtual Machines using Azure Site Recovery. In addition to the broadest global coverage, Azure offers the most comprehensive resiliency strategy in the industry, from mitigating rack level failures with availability sets, to protecting against large scale events with failover to separate regions with Azure Site Recovery. Within a region, Availability Zones increase fault tolerance with physically separated locations, each with independent power, network, and cooling.  

You can now replicate and failover virtual machines deployed in Availability Zones to other regions using Azure Site Recovery. This capability is generally available in all regions supporting Availability Zones. For more information, see the detailed blog post. Along with Availability Sets and Availability Zones, Azure Site Recovery completes the resiliency continuum for applications running on Azure Virtual Machines. 


No infrastructure required 


User flexibility in selecting the DR region  


Best-in-class RPO and RTO 


Non-disruptive DR drills 


Orchestrated application recovery 

For large enterprises, it is imperative to use multiple Azure subscriptions to manage Azure resources at scale. ASR also supports cross-subscription disaster recovery (DR) for Azure virtual machines. You can configure DR for Azure IaaS applications to another region in a different subscription within the same Azure Active Directory tenant. For more information, see the detailed blog post.  

Disaster Recovery between Azure regions is available in all Azure regions where Azure Site Recovery is available. For more information about pricing, please contact your channel partner. Get started with Azure Site Recovery today. 

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