Dec 4, 2018

New key capabilities added to Time Series Insights to meet your IoT needs

Time Series Insights is releasing to public preview a new set of IIoT capabilities that enable customers to harness the value of IoT data to generate business-critical insights.  The new features that have been made available in Time Series Insights include:

  • A scalable, performance- and cost-optimized time series data store that enables a cloud-based IoT solution to trend years’ worth of time series data in seconds.
  • Semantic model support to describe the domain and metadata associated with the derived and non-derived signals from assets and devices
  • A significantly enhanced user experience that combines asset-based data insights with rich, ad-hoc data analytics for driving business and operational intelligence
  • Integration with advanced machine learning and analytics tools like Databricks, Spark, Jupyter notebooks, etc. to help customers tackle time series data challenges in new ways.

Read about the product update in the blog post here

Visit the product page to get started here

Deep-dive on documentation here

by via Azure service updates

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